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plexus2 provides powerful, cost-effective information management and sharing facilities for small business. It is the second major release of the web site content and database management system from Pre-emptive Strike Pty Ltd.

plexus2 can be used in both Internet (external) and intranet (internal) applications. It includes administration and presentation support for:

  • Editing content on web sites
  • Maintaining site navigation (menu) systems
  • Contact management
  • Image galleries
  • Events calendars
  • News and blogs
  • Secure e-commerce and Point-of-Sale (POS) applications
  • Custom databases
  • Content syndication (RSS)

plexus2 is a cost-effective alternative for those businesses that have databases that require secure, multi-user access via the web or an intranet, and/or are considering solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint.

Applications of plexus2 include:

  • Intranet and Internet Web sites - all types
  • Document and form management
  • Customer relationship management - including customer/patient records, job skills databases, and client service histories
  • Business directories
  • Portals
  • Point-of-Sale processing
  • Asset registers
  • Price lists
  • Product catalogues
  • Reference libraries
  • Procedure libraries

From inception, plexus2 has been designed to facilitate efficient construction and maintenance of feature-rich, database-driven Internet and intranet sites. You need to have only a basic understanding of the structure of your information in order to utilise even its most powerful features. plexus2 is built around relational databases, and even constructs them implicitly for you, but it does not require you to know anything about indexes, joins, SQL, forms or writing complex queries for the myriad ways that you need to extract your information. plexus2 allows you to concentrate your efforts on entering, maintaining, publishing and reporting your information.

Begin by giving consideration to the following:

  • What are the objectives of my site?
  • Who is its target audience?
  • What information must be available on the site?
  • In what form(s) should the information be presented?
  • From which locations does my target audience need to access the information?

The answers to these questions will assist you to identify whether your site should be based on the Internet, an intranet delivered on your local area network (LAN), or an intranet delivered over a wide area network (WAN). If your site is to be based on the Internet, one of our plexus2 Hosting Packs may be suitable. If your site is to be based on your intranet, you may wish to consider purchasing one or more plexus2 Server Packs. If you need assistance in arriving at this decision, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful sales advisors.

plexus2 Hosting Packs provide cost-effective bundles to satisfy a wide range of common web site and small-to-medium database requirements. You can choose the pack that best suits your site and budget. All hosting packs allow you to update your site from any Internet-connected location ... and you don't have to worry about setting up or maintaining your own server. Further information can be found under Purchase Options.

Yes. Simply install a plexus2 Server Pack and you're away. Further information, including pre-requisites and options, can be found under Server Packs.

plexus2 Software Maintenance entitles you to all upgrades and maintenance releases of plexus2 for the period of coverage.

For further information on plexus2, please contact Pre-emptive Strike Pty Ltd by e-mail to, or telephone 1300 IT4BIZ (1300 484 249) within Australia, or +61 8 98 922 922 (international).

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